How to Pick the Right Kitchen Color+Sample Photos!

We all love to dream about the ideal kitchen. We spend time thinking about the extravagant features it’ll have, but are we actually prepared when it comes down to building it? Here are a few tips on how to choose the perfect color for your new kitchen.

Since elementary school, we’re taught that certain colors can evoke different feelings and emotions. Pick a color that makes you feel happy to be home. Here is an example of one of our kitchen renovations that makes us feel happy just by looking at it!

If you aren’t sure how you’d like to feel in your new kitchen, here’s quick guide outlining which emotions are most commonly felt from each color.


Makes you feel: strong, passionate, bold

A strong red color will make you feel energized and passionate in the morning. However, be wary that red can also cause stress and may be too bold for some people.


Makes you feel: energetic, creative, hungry

The color orange is used in various food chains to make you feel hungry! If you’re passionate about your food, this could be the color for you. Orange also makes you feel awake and ready to seize the day. It can make you feel more creative.


Makes you feel: happy, excited, mellow

Depending on the shade of yellow you use, you can either evoke feelings of excitement and cheer or mellowness. Yellow can be hard to match with so be careful when choosing it for your kitchen.


Makes you feel: healthy, proactive, calm

The colors green and blue are used in schools and hospitals to make people feel calm and creative. Green is also perfect for someone who wants to be inspired to eat healthy every day! Blue can remind you of the Caribbean or a clear sky on a warm day. If you need summer all year round, blue is the way to go.


Makes you feel: clean, clear-minded, refreshed

A clean, sparkling white kitchen is a great way to de-stress during your daily routine. Not only does it make you feel less cluttered, but a white kitchen can also make you want to cook. It’s like a blank canvas just waiting to have colorful, delicious dishes made in it!

Let us know which color you’ll be choosing for your new kitchen!