Kitchen Customization Experts

Do you hate those dead spaces in your kitchen and just wish you could magically turn them into a secret storage niche for… trays or baking sheets? You’re not alone. Basic Builders customizes standard IKEA Sektion frames to just the right size. We can even customize many IKEA doors to create a custom kitchen at a fraction of the cost. Space is valuable, and we believe you should be able to utilize it to the fullest.

Unique Solutions
We create many unique solutions such as:

  • Custom size blind corner cabinets
  • Customized flat panel IKEA doors
  • Custom enclosures for washer/dryers
  • Custom panel clad appliances
  • Custom depth cabinets for wall obstructions

Semi-Handmade Doors
Do you love the IKEA system but can’t find a door that suits your style? Frequently, we work with suppliers who specialize in providing doors, panels and drawer fronts that are meant to sync with the IKEA frames. The design possibilities are almost endless. Basic Builders will coordinate the order to make sure all parts are delivered seamlessly, and installed impeccably. Specialized door providers include: SemiHandmade, Scherrs, Reform and others.

Basic Builders Customizations Gallery