Our Kitchen Renovation Story-by Peter Kim

We purchased our two bedroom duplex condo in Hoboken, New Jersey in January 2014. It was pretty much exactly what we were looking for in terms of layout and value. I’m not a huge fan of buying brand new or newly renovated homes. That means the home is going to be priced close to its maximum market value and there won’t be as much upside to doing any work on it. On the other hand, I also don’t have the financial and logistical flexibility to deal with fixer uppers.The one area of our home in which we knew we could add immediate value was the kitchen. There was nothing seriously wrong from a functional perspective but it clearly looked dated (was probably around 30 years old, including the appliances).

Ok, so actually the fridge was new. The fridge that came with the home died a few months after we moved in and this was literally the only model we could find that fit into the small space. There were some areas that could have used improvement functionally.

  • The corner cabinets were generally useless, especially the corner base cabinet in the photo above.
  • The wall cabinets were 30″ tall. There was room for taller cabinets and it’s always nice to have more storage space.