10 Reasons Why You Need a New Kitchen

On the fence about whether to give your kitchen a makeover? Don’t panic, we’ve outlined 10 great reasons why getting a new kitchen is a must.

1. Increases the value of your home

Re-doing your kitchen can significantly increase the value of your home, and your chances of someone buying it, especially if it is currently outdated and falling apart.

2. Your kitchen is a mess

It’s untidy, and there’s nowhere to put things. You start moving things that don’t fit to other parts of the house, which creates even more chaos.

3. You can’t stand being in it

Almost everything in your kitchen is old, and not too stylish. A modern makeover would help you love your kitchen again.

4. No space

If your family is constantly squeezing past and bumping into each other, it is time to expand. An article from prosourcewholesale.com says, “The National Kitchen and Bath Association recommends that the width of a walkway in a kitchen be at least 36 inches wide, your work space aisle should be at least 42 inches if just one of you will be cooking and 48 inches if there’s two of you.”

5. Energy efficient/good for environment

Using old-fashioned appliances can be a waste of money. Even a simple fix like adding a skylight could help save hundreds on your energy bill. Some things are simply outdated!

6. Changing lifestyle

Your needs are different from the last owner’s. Perhaps they didn’t have a large family, as opposed to your five kids. Maybe they didn’t have a dog either. Or, maybe your own lifestyle has changed since you first bought the house.

7. Special needs/accessibility

If anyone in the house is special needs, a new kitchen can accommodate them without a hassle. Many older models are not cognizant of accessibility.

8. Broken, ugly, or inefficient cabinets

Some cabinets and features (such as a lazy suzan) lose functionality with age. Sometimes, they simply don’t look nice. Upgrading to a sleek, modern look is exactly what you need to give your kitchen a new feel.

9. Bad flow

This ties in with having no space. Does it feel like your kitchen is inefficient to cook in? Is the dishwasher too far away from the sink? Are there not enough countertops by the cooking area? Bad flow can increase your stress and waste time while cooking. Upgrade to a new, well-planned out kitchen with updated appliances.

10. The countertops are scratched, stained, and/or cracked

Nothing ruins a great kitchen like stained, damaged countertops. Instead, go for brand new quartz or marble countertops! Many of our options are quite beautiful, and you don’t have to break the bank to do it, either.


Now you know you want a brand new kitchen that’ll last you 20+ years. The next step is emailing us! We’ll help you build your dream kitchen in no time. Not only will you enjoy a new, sleek look, but your home’s value will rise as well, an investment worth making.