6 Clever IKEA Storage Solutions for Your Kitchen

When your kitchen is clean and organized, you feel like you can finally breathe. Here are 6 creative ways to solve your storage problems using real IKEA products.

1. RASKOG Rolling Cart

Small rolling carts can be used to group small items and extra pantry items together. What’s special about the RASKOG cart from IKEA is that it can roll into small spaces, therefore maximizing kitchen storage space. It is also surprisingly sturdy for its size.

Black Raskog cart could be useful to move your cooking supplies around the kitchen.   You could use it as fruit and bread storage on a kitchen.

Photos by digsdigs.com

2. BILLY Bookcase

Using this bookcase, you can create a DIY kitchen island perfect for storing your favorite cookbooks, snacks, and other supplies. Add extra Billy bookcases in the kitchen as shelf storage for anything else you may want easy access to.

DIY Kitchen Island. This kitchen island is composed of an IKEA butcher block and three BILLY bookcases. You can also give the island a more custom look with moulding and beadboard on the side. See more details    Image result for billy bookshelves kitchen island

Photos by nowathomemom.com

3. Custom-Built Cabinets

When you ask us to renovate  your kitchen, we can custom build the cabinets you want. Cabinets can even be doubled up as a credenza for displaying your finest china and silverware.

Photos by nalleshouse.com

4. MOSLANDA Picture Ledges and RAJTAN Jars

IKEA MOSLANDA picture ledges can be both spice holders and art displays.  If you want the ledges to look even more organized and beautiful, place RAJTAN jars in them. Just make sure the sizing is right before you buy.

If you have enough flavors to fill an entire pantry (like this homeowner) don't take up valuable storage space on things that could double as wall art. IKEA picture ledges provide ample area for all of your spices and look pretty to boot. See more at DuhBe »     Related image

Photos by DuhBe and iheartplanners respectively.

5. GRUNDTAL pieces

It’s important to organize utensils by function. GRUNDTAL pieces from IKEA can be combined to utilize backsplash space with this unique utensil holder.

Image result for ikea utensil organizer

Photo by IKEA


It’s smart to store your cookware in one organized drawers so that you don’t have to spend time looking for it anymore. Sektion pullout drawers are perfect for storing cookware and utensils easily. If you invite us to makeover your kitchen, we can customize the drawers to fit your specific needs.

Image result for ikea kitchen pull out drawer

Photo by kitchen.laviesenior.com

Which solution was the best? Let us know in the comments down below! If you would like an IKEA kitchen of your dreams, contact us while there are still open spots. The IKEA sale (up to 20% off)  is going on NOW, so don’t wait until it’s too late.